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Dancing Fountains

We specialize in advance to simple level dancing fountains setting a precedent in the industry by introducing new technology and methods of innovation in providing awe inspiring solutions for the masses.
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Musical Fountains

Give your project or property the wow factor it needs by getting one of its kind bespoke musical fountains custom tailored to your music selection that would spark a memory in your audiences for decades to follow.
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Indoor Fountains

The indoors doesn’t have to be boring or bland. We can create you an attractive indoor fountains following your guidelines and idea plus adding our creativity to the mix to achieve an ideal masterpiece for your space.
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A beautifully crafted water fall can add tons of wow factor in a small to large space. Our water falls are made to bring the best vibe out of a space to ensure all who enjoy it feel the true joy of serene splashing water.
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Just like indoors, your outdoors can be pleasant and a haven to relax & have a good time. Get your outdoor spaces a fountain to increase its beauty regardless of having a large or a small space, we can find a solution for you.
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Outdoor Fountains

No garden is complete without a garden fountain which is an essential part of it adding beauty alongside making the environment around it as natural it could be which is not only good for people but the nature around it as well.
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Garden Fountains

Dry Fountains

Do you hate the idea of open ponds or would like a new kind of fountain for your space? Try our dry fountains to spice up your space with a rare kind of fountain which is unique in not only how it looks but even in how it works.
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Digital Fountains

Ever wanted to show messages on water, now you can with our 3D digital fountains. Show you company logo, names or symbols with our programmable digital fountains to amaze your audiences and like never seen before.
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Instead of a privacy wall or a divider, why not try out our water curtains to separate two spaces. Whether you need a gushing sound for outdoor or a silent water curtain for indoor, we can build a appealing solution for it.
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Water Curtains

Another piece of art which is the Laminar fountain, built locally in Pakistan to enjoy with capabilities to follow sequences or even work with musical technology to create dances upon input from the CPU controlling it.
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Laminar Fountains


Our list of satisfied customer entails an untold story of how we work and the success we have achieved in fountain based technology by providing solutions to all size of customers and clients. See for yourself a list of satisfied customer below: